🌟✨ Including is Growing Together: INCLUJOBS 🌈🤝

Today we want to enthusiastically share the unforgettable moments of our focus groups dedicated to the INCLUJOBS project. 📘✨

🤝 Focus Groups with Associations: Union of Forces and Ideas 🤝

We had the privilege of meeting with representatives of associations that work tirelessly to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The discussions were inspiring and highlighted the importance of joining forces to build a more inclusive and welcoming working future for all. Thank you for your valuable contributions! 🙌🤗

🏢 Focus Group with Sensible Companies: Change is Possible! 🏢

Special thanks to the companies who participated with openness and heart in our focus group. Your perspectives and ideas laid the foundation for constructive dialogue and showed us that change is possible when we engage together. We are grateful for your commitment to a more inclusive work environment! 🌐💼

📸 Take a look at the Pictures! 📸

Handbook for inclusive JOb Employers Awareness

Manual for Special Educators