Inclusion in Europe? – Inclusion Indicators 2023

How were the inclusion indicators in Europe for 2023?

The reality portrayed by the study conducted by Inclusion Europe, published in November 2023, shows that there is still a great amount of work to be done for European countries to become more inclusive. The results show that  in half of the EU nations, certain individuals can’t cast their vote, 700,000 people are compelled to reside in segregated institutions where they are exposed to facing harm, and families are left isolated, bearing the entire responsibility of supporting members with disabilities. 

Although education strided forward, registering 1.1 million children with intellectual disabilities thriving in mainstream schools, fostering skills and community integration, many more remain isolated in special schools that exclude the benefits of an inclusive education. Still, 20,000 children with intellectual disabilities receive no education within Europe.  

Employment challenges for Europe:

The report showed that less than 10% of those with intellectual disabilities hold paid jobs, contrasting starkly with the 50% employment rate for people with disabilities overall, 75% for those without disabilities. In seventeen countries, earning a salary risks losing disability benefits, and as a result this may force other family members, primarily women, to exit the labor market to care for disabled family members.

Thus, the importance of projects like INCLUJOBS which strives to bridge the employment gap for individuals with intellectual disabilities by enhancing their employability are necessary for an inclusive future! The INCLUJOBS project achieves this by creating training materials for three key stakeholders: special educators, the business sector, and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Join us in empowering and fostering inclusion in the workforce! 


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