Trust in research

AIJU was inaugurated in 1985 and currently has nearly 500 associated companies and a team of more than 80 experts. AIJU has agreements with chambers of commerce and helps entrepreneurs and companies to design their development plans. AIJU’s staff is a multidisciplinary team that is capable of covering projects from technological and social fields, comprising: psychologists, sociologists, educators, economists, designers, market analysts, IT programmers, engineers.
AIJU has 2 separate playrooms equipped with CCTV, which allow for information to be collected in a free play environment.
AIJU is a technology centre that is at the forefront of ICT technologies. It also provides a vision of the World of Work in educational projects, providing real case studies and adapted to reality.
AIJU has developed research projects on learning using mobile devices, games and augmented reality technologies.

Handbook for inclusive JOb Employers Awareness

Manual for Special Educators