Objective of the Toolkit

The main objective of this Toolkit is to provide people with disabilities the tools and knowledge to seek and get a job; we have decided to create a Toolkit which includes all the learning contents in a friendly, accessible and playful way

Who is this toolkit for?

This Toolkit is designed for its training materials to be delivered by a support person to a person or a group of young people or adults with intellectual disabilities.

Contents of the Toolkit

The Toolkit includes 3 different but complementary materials:

One methodology for the implementation of simulation interviews activities

19 Job Descriptions of 3 different sectors: manufacturer, technology and tourismis

One Card Game with 129 cards related to the 19 job descriptions

Simulation Activity

Recommendations for conducting interview simulations as well as for the previous steps

Job Descriptions

The Job Descriptions are distributed in three employment sectors: tourism, manufacturer and technology sector.

Inclujobs Card Game

This is a simple game based on identifying the specific tasks of each job introduced in the Job Descriptions. Therefore, the main objective of the implementation of this game is to facilitate the internalisation of the previously learned concepts through a playful activity of high engagement; allowing learning while playing in a team.

Handbook for inclusive JOb Employers Awareness

Manual for Special Educators